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No Frontier is a two player splitscreen game for PC that explores notions of frontier fantasies and colonialism as they are represented within games. In the game, one player takes the role of a native character, while the other takes the role of a newly arrived stranger who has arrived on an explorational mission. Throughout the course of play, the players must gather resources, build shelter, and navigate the difficult situation they find themselves placed in. Levels of conflict are high in the world, and players can easily tip the balance, causing groups of angry characters to attack either side at any moment. One player may kill the other, or the two sides may band together to maintain a tenuous peace, ensuring stability in the land for the foreseeable future.

The game is currently in development, but keep an eye out here for updates, betas, and closed playtests. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss the project in further detail.


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